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Bigfork Community Nordic Center (BCNC) is located on Montana State land at the corner of Foothills road & Jewel Basin road. Over 10 kilometers of varied terrain (including flat, rolling and challenging hills) are groomed 5 days per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from December thru March 31.

In accordance with Montana State Law, skiers using Bigfork Community Nordic Center are required to have a valid “Montana Recreational Use License.”

We pay an annual State “Land Use License” fee of $800 to the MT Department of State Lands for the use of the BCNC trail system. We also expend considerable funds each week to maintain the trails, as well as maintain grooming equipment.

Our BCNC trails are groomed for skiers. Snowshoers are welcome, but please observe posted trail etiquette signs.

We specifically request that hikers (without snowshoes), snowmobilers, ATV-ers, snow-bikers and fat bikers respect the intended ski use of our trail system and find other areas to recreate.

BCNC DOG POLICY: Dog tracks and dog “dirt” damage the groomed trail surface. PlEASE respect the intended use of and considerable expense invested in the BCNC Nordic trails. Thank you!

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Bigfork Community Nordic Center

4643 Foothill Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901, USA

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18 January, 2022 08:23

32 degrees and it feels like spring!Emoji Groomer is out smoothing out lower loop, will update when done….

17 January, 2022 08:41

Currently 27 degrees, our new groomer had a previous appt. scheduled for this morning so there will be no grooming today. We will be back out tomorrow morning though to clean things up. The 40 degree weather is starting to melt a bit of snow, especially up on the hill loops! Some rocks and twigs are starting to show themselves, heads up for the thin spots!

15 January, 2022 11:52

currently 32 degrees, training went well with our one new groomer. We mainly freshened up the skate lane, we did groom over the tracks on the hills. The tracks were pretty melted and someone decided to walk right down the middle of them tearing and rutting them up horribly! Skiing should be fast and fun today….enjoy! As long as the temp freezes at night we’ll start back up on our normal grooming schedule…We need more snow!!

15 January, 2022 07:54

Currently 24 degrees, we are headed out in about 10 minutes. Today we will be starting to train in one of our new groomers (Yea!!EmojiEmoji) We will update when we’re done….Pray for snow!!

14 January, 2022 12:12

30F Groomed all of the skate lanes in the system. We’ll not be able to reset track until we get new snow. Be careful of bare spots and post holes left by Moose, Deer and Humans!

14 January, 2022 07:27

Finally, with temps below freezing, we’ll be grooming this morning, 8ish, and testing out our sled fix.

13 January, 2022 09:45

currently 34 degrees, we only hit a low of 32 last night. With how warm it’s gotten during the day and not cooling off enough at night we won’t be able to groom. Our old sled is down and not working and our newer sled is having issues overheating…so with these warm temps we can’t risk damaging the newer sled. We’ll keep you posted what the weather is doing and when it gets cold enough to head back out….

12 January, 2022 10:37

currently 40 degrees, there will be no grooming today since it’s so warm and it rained a bunch here last night and this morning. It looks like were going to be in a longer warm stretch sadly. We’ll update when we get out next…it may not be for a few days…

11 January, 2022 08:39

currently 29 degrees. Dave made it out yesterday afternoon and groomed all trails. No grooming today but the trails should be in decent shape from yesterday…