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Bigfork Community Nordic Center (BCNC) is located on Montana State land at the corner of Foothills road & Jewel Basin Road. Over 6 kilometers of flat to gently rolling terrain are groomed 5 days per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from December thru March.

In accordance with Montana State Law, skiers using Bigfork Community Nordic Center are required to have a valid Montana Recreational Use License.

Snowmobiles, ATV’s, other motorized equipment and snow bikes are not permitted on either trail system. Walking without snowshoes is not permitted!

Dogs are not allowed at the Bigfork Community Nordic Center.

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Bigfork Community Nordic Center

4643 Foothill Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901, USA

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11 March, 2017 06:50

32F. Attempted to groom yesterday. Kept getting groomer stuck in the mushy snow. Not enough of a freeze last night so no grooming today.

10 March, 2017 08:22

Grooming is a no go today folks. 3” of new snow, very wet & sticky. Forecast temps in the low 40’s.

8 March, 2017 09:30

32F. Less than one inch new snow. All trails groomed for skating. Our tracksetter malfunctioned at one point so I was only able to get classic track set on Little Jewel and Strawberry. Next scheduled grooming day is Friday. Enjoy!

8 March, 2017 05:49

32F with less than an inch of new snow overnight. Will begin grooming by 7am.

6 March, 2017 10:32

28F. About 3” new snow yesterday. Groomed all trails for skating this morning. Set classic track on all trails west of, and including, Peter’s Ridge Run. Trails are in decent shape and should ski nicely. There may not be many more days like this so get out there and enjoy!

6 March, 2017 06:18

25F. About 3” new snow yesterday. No new overnight. Finally cold enough to do some grooming. Heading out to renovate trails. Stay tuned for post grooming report.

5 March, 2017 07:37

2-3” of new snow overnight. However, due to continued warm temps (about 35F currently) snow is very wet/heavy. We will continue to monitor weather and post grooming updates here. But for now, no grooming.