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Bigfork Community Nordic Center (BCNC) is located on Montana State land at the corner of Foothills road & Jewel Basin Road. Over 6 kilometers of flat to gently rolling terrain are groomed 5 days per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from December thru March.

In accordance with Montana State Law, skiers using Bigfork Community Nordic Center are required to have a valid Montana Recreational Use License.

Snowmobiles, ATV’s, other motorized equipment and snow bikes are not permitted on either trail system. Walking without snowshoes is not permitted!

Dogs are not allowed at the Bigfork Community Nordic Center.

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Bigfork Community Nordic Center

4643 Foothill Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901, USA

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17 February, 2019 09:32

16 degrees with a brisk breeze…no new snow overnight, thank goodness now we can try and catch up!! We’ll start on the lower loops first and then head to the hills….

16 February, 2019 08:58

30 degrees and 5-6 inches of snow overnight, currently snowing..12 inches over the past 2 days. We are on the way out to roll/pack the trails….
We got the track setter fixed yesterday, so after we’re done rolling we’ll head out and set track….

15 February, 2019 10:01

26 degrees with 4 inches of new snow and currently snowing lightly. We are out rolling the trails, track setter is not working yet…we will give it another attempt later today to fix it. Enjoy the new snow!

14 February, 2019 16:26

Annnd we have mechanical issues! We rolled and packed all the trails this morning and we went back out to set some nice classic track, however the wiring is malfunctioning so until we can get the wiring back up and operational we won’t have track set…we’ll update when it’s back up and running. Thanks for your patience!

14 February, 2019 09:06

We’ll be heading out in a short bit to roll all trails. After we’re done rolling we’ll head back out and lay new classic track, new track won’t be in until this afternoon…enjoy!

13 February, 2019 07:29

31 degrees and currently snowing. We are having to switch up the grooming days a bit, we won’t be grooming today but we will be out on Thursday instead. We have some equipment repairs that we are going to try and resolve today.

12 February, 2019 07:40

18 degrees with 3 inches of new snow. No grooming today (a scheduled day off) everything was groomed yesterday, as well as track set. Today will just be a good work-out day skiing through some beautiful fresh snow!

11 February, 2019 11:28

We’ve had to change our plans some, the ginzu has been getting stuck alot with the new snow (closer to 5 inches of new out there now). We are out with the roller to pack all the trails, when we’re done packing we’ll assess if we go out with the groomer this afternoon or wait until tomorrow. Looks like were in for some snow the next 3 days!!

11 February, 2019 09:32

8 degrees with 3 inches of new snow. Heading out right now, we’ll start on the lower 5k loop and then head up to the upper trails. Lots of drifts on the upper trails, we will try and knock them down the best we can…