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Bigfork Community Nordic Center (BCNC) is located on Montana State land at the corner of Foothills road & Jewel Basin Road. Over 6 kilometers of flat to gently rolling terrain are groomed 5 days per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from December thru March.

In accordance with Montana State Law, skiers using Bigfork Community Nordic Center are required to have a valid Montana Recreational Use License.

Snowmobiles, ATV’s, other motorized equipment and snow bikes are not permitted on either trail system. Walking without snowshoes is not permitted!

Dogs are not allowed at the Bigfork Community Nordic Center.

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Bigfork Community Nordic Center

4643 Foothill Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901, USA

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18 February, 2018 11:42

Update #2: lower Foothills trail is open. Strawberry open. Echo open. No classic track set. Rolling course. Still windy and drifting. Ice Station Alpha over and out.

18 February, 2018 09:38

Conditions update: Foothills road is very bad and not currently plowed. Drifting, deep snow, heavy ruts. Parking areas inundated with snow. Aaron and I are going to try a run at track packing the course with Skidoos but we may abort the mission. With the winds and heavy snow it is likely there will be trees down on the course. I will try to give another update ASAP.

18 February, 2018 06:57

There is currently an order issued for emergency travel only for Flathead County. Stay tuned and check back for updates as to when and if I will be grooming today. Thank you and be safe!

17 February, 2018 05:26

Morning all! I will be grooming the skate lanes today. In addition I will inspect the classic track and if needed I will reset it. Forecast for a major storm to slide into our area today. Possibly a foot of snow with winds up to 50 mph. Stay tuned.

16 February, 2018 06:49

Good morning! An update: yesterday was long and busy. A big thanks to Aaron for taking time to help me fill pot holes on Blackfoot and Wildcat. Hopefully with the cooler temps and more snow those sections of trail will hold for awhile. In addition the classic track is now set. Fresh snow REALLY helps to produce a quality classic track. The forecast is for more snow so get the kick-n-glide whilst you can. This morning I will buff the skate lanes out. Of note: there are still some areas where drifting occurred during recent wind storm and that has caused a bit of havoc with the trail but not enough to ruin the skiing. TGIF! See you out there! Vin

15 February, 2018 15:44

3rd update: classic track set. Entire course is open. I encourage you to get out for a late afternoon evening ski. Beautiful snow! Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for your patience, see you out there tomorrow! Vin

15 February, 2018 13:45

Update #2 just finished rolling course. About to return and set the classic track. Lots of fresh snow!

15 February, 2018 11:33

Update: still rolling course. Big thanks to Aaron, he helped fill in pot holes early this morning. We have excellent snow close to 8 inches. Update to follow. V

15 February, 2018 06:50

Greetings! I normally do not groom on Thursday, however with the abundance of freshly fallen snow I will hit the trails today. I will roll the course first then set the classic track. Cheers!

14 February, 2018 09:19

Grooming the skate lanes today. Classic track is set but not great due to conditions. Storm predicted which will help!