blacktail trail winter

Located 8 miles above Lakeside and at 5000’ of elevation, the 25 kilometers of varied terrain is groomed every day from December thru March.

Motorized equipment (Snowmobiles, ATV’s, snow bikes, etc.) and fat bikes are not permitted on either trail system. Walking without snowshoes is not permitted!

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Dogs are only allowed on the Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails.

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Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails

47.989165, -114.323741

24 March, 2024 07:43

Well the false spring last week has wreaked havoc on our trail. Even with this new snow there are sections that are down to dirt. The upper part is the only place that MIGHT be skateable but it’s icy and cratered under the corduroy. Be cautious if you come out….

24 March, 2024 05:59

21° with 3" of new snow and still coming down. We’ll get out there and make something out off this stuff but there will be thin spots. I’ll update around daylight…

21 March, 2024 06:37

Following many days, well above freezing, we inspected the trails yesterday afternoon and found what we expected. There are bare dirt patches in the first 200 meters and we suspect the same conditions at several points on the system. Unless we get cold temps and a foot of new snow out of this approaching weather system, our season is probably over. We’ll make a final decision in the next few days.

18 March, 2024 06:15

it’s 44°F this morning. It is too warm for grooming today, and in the interest of saving what little snow we have it has been decided to post pone grooming until either we get cooler temperatures and or snow.

17 March, 2024 08:30

38° here this morning. Alpine loop and spur trail skate lanes were groomed but with mixed results due to warm overnight temps. I decided not to go out on powerline so it hasn’t had grooming yesterday or today. Expect soft conditions.

17 March, 2024 05:49

31 in the valley but 36 up here. Closer to the sun I guess. No grooming yesterday, but we’re here this morning to get things whipped into shape. I’ll update around daylight…

16 March, 2024 06:35

Sorry, no grooming today! All 4 of our groomers had prior commitments. Temps stayed above freezing last night, so conditions should be soft and Spring like. Grooming will resume tomorrow if temperatures fall over night. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

15 March, 2024 09:03

it’s now 30°F, and mostly sunny. Alpine loop in Spur trailer been groomed for skate skiing. And there is classic track in most places. Come and get it why we still got it

15 March, 2024 06:00

it’s 27°F, no new snow, and what appears to be mostly clear. Headed to alpine loop and spur trail today to groom for skate skiing . Update later

14 March, 2024 08:48

it’s now 26°F, and mostly sunny. Powerline in Alpine loop of been groom for skate skiing. There is classic track everywhere although it’s showing signs of spring time weather . A beautiful day up here come up and enjoy it