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Bigfork Community Nordic Center (BCNC) is located on Montana State land at the corner of Foothills road & Jewel Basin road. Over 10 kilometers of varied terrain (including flat, rolling and challenging hills) are groomed 5 days per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from December thru March 31.

In accordance with Montana State Law, skiers using Bigfork Community Nordic Center are required to have a valid “Montana Recreational Use License.”

We pay an annual State “Land Use License” fee of $800 to the MT Department of State Lands for the use of the BCNC trail system. We also expend considerable funds each week to maintain the trails, as well as maintain grooming equipment.

Our BCNC trails are groomed for skiers. Snowshoers are welcome, but please observe posted trail etiquette signs.

We specifically request that hikers (without snowshoes), snowmobilers, ATV-ers, snow-bikers and fat bikers respect the intended ski use of our trail system and find other areas to recreate.

BCNC DOG POLICY: Dog tracks and dog “dirt” damage the groomed trail surface. PlEASE respect the intended use of and considerable expense invested in the BCNC Nordic trails. Thank you!

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Bigfork Community Nordic Center

4643 Foothill Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901, USA

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14 March, 2021 07:03

Good morning friends! Today is my final grooming for this season. What a pleasure it has been and although a short season, it was a great one. Now don’t forget we are still grooming for awhile at our Blacktail site so make time to enjoy the trails up there. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to maintain our Bigfork trail system. I’m looking forward to next season! For our outgoing musical inspiration today I choose Louis Armstrong and his song What a Wonderful World. See you on the trails! Vinny ✌️

13 March, 2021 06:35

Good morning ski team! The sky portends a beautiful sunny and pleasant spring like day ahead. Perfect for skating on freshly groomed ski trails. Mentioned before and now again, bring along your bear spray. Our neighbors are starting to ramble around. Grizz tracks spotted down south in The Swan. / Volunteer opportunities! If you are interested in helping out with trail maintenance this summer let me know. My number is (406) 334-3088. I will add you to our list of trail crew. The pay isn’t great but you get free exercise. 😂 If you haven’t signed up for our e-newsletter please do. You can find the information on our website. And if you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram. A note on summer opportunities, I work with the Montana Wooden Boat Foundation in Lakeside. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching the skill of small wooden boat building. We have several spaces open. If you are interested please contact me for details. A great experience for a family, a couple, or individual. Finally, I sincerely want to extend a heartfelt thank you from all of us at North Shore Nordic Club, to EVERYONE for supporting and donating to this cause. We simply would not exist without you! Ok enough chatting! I better “Ski-daddle” and get in my horse! Time to farm some ski trails. Musical inspiration today will be provided by Bob Marley! ✌️🤩🎿☕️

12 March, 2021 06:17

Greetings friends, on this fine Friday! Well we are down to our last 3 days of grooming for this season. I hope you get a chance to hit the trails today. A few more open areas yet still plenty of skiable terrain. Grooming will consist of precision technique resulting in amazing skate lanes! 🤦‍♂️😂✌️ See you out there.

11 March, 2021 07:02

And once again for your skate skiing please I am heading out to tickle the lanes to perfection!😂 See you all out there. 💥 🎿 ☕️Vin

10 March, 2021 06:48

Ahoy! Wednesday is here and the season is fast drawing to a close. I believe that we will stop grooming on March 15. This is when our season permit expires. So if you have the time grab the skate skis and hot those trails. This morning I will be sculpting the skate lane to perfection just for you Dave and Maren! 🤩✌️ See you all out there. Don’t forget bear spray. Vin ☕️💥☕️

9 March, 2021 06:25

Tuesday Ski Day! Morning Team. Hopefully you can get a lap or 2 in today. After coffee I will be out there massaging the skate lanes for your skiing enjoyment. 💥☕️ Vin

9 March, 2021 06:25

Tuesday Ski Day! Morning Team. Hopefully you can get a lap or 2 in today. After coffee I will be out there massaging the skate lanes for your skiing enjoyment. 💥☕️ Vin

8 March, 2021 07:03

Monday morning! A new week! Spring is in the air! Greetings friends, I will be grooming all of the lower trails this morning. I will also groom Blackfoot and Wildcat. Due to the loss of snow on Echo, Birch Loop, and Crater trail these will not be groomed anymore this season. 😭😭😭 But hey, we still have some great skiing on the other trails for a bit. See you soon! Vin 👋

7 March, 2021 07:06

Greetings on this fine Sunday friends. ☕️ I’m headed out to spruce up the skate lanes this morning. The lower trails are still in fair shape. The upper mountain trails are losing snow on several areas. Should be a wonderful day with some sunshine. Vin 💥✌️

6 March, 2021 06:06

We still have snow! At least for now. Greetings ski club members. The trails are mostly in good condition, however there are areas where some rocks are showing thru. The classic track is not very good due to the icy conditions. On the other hand the skate skiing is quite nice. A reminder: I mentioned several days ago that with the warmer temps and longer daylight hours it might be prudent to carry a bear spray on your ski jaunt. Now for another coffee then off to groom. Musical selection/inspiration today will be provided by Annebjorg Lien. See you all out on the trail! Vin💥☕️