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Located 8 miles above Lakeside and at 5000’ of elevation, the 25 kilometers of varied terrain is groomed every day from December thru March.

Snowmobiles, ATV’s, other motorized equipment and snow bikes are not permitted on either trail system. Walking without snowshoes is not permitted!

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Dogs are only allowed on the Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails.

Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails

47.989165, -114.323741

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8 April, 2020 08:57

warming up fast. The thermometer is in the sun so we can’t trust the reading. Upper Power Line and Lower Alpine are groomed for skating. There was a snowmobiler on the trails and grooming the frozen tracks out was work. There are several narrow thin places that I expect will melt completely in the next couple days. Today is definitely the last day of grooming. Thanks to everyone for the great support again this year and we wish you a safe healthy spring and summer. Please keep up with the social distance and other recommendations to help fight the COVID 19 virus.

8 April, 2020 06:48

32°F, no new snow. Thanks to the clear skies overnight we got a good freeze. We’ll be grooming Upper Power Line and Lower Alpine this morning. I’ll update when done.

7 April, 2020 15:21

I am planning to visit the trail head early tomorrow, Wednesday, morning. If we get enough of a freeze I’ll groom. Check right here in the morning for an update.

4 April, 2020 08:53

32°F, sunny blue skies. Upper Power Line and Lower Alpine are groomed with fresh classic track set. Come on up for one of our last days of groomed trails. Social distance, social distance, social distance!

4 April, 2020 06:47

18°F, trace of new snow, clear skies. We’ll be grooming upper power line and lower Alpine. Upper Alpine and the Spur had to be opened to motor vehicles April first so they will not be groomed. There is no grooming out of the upper parking lot. Please practice social distancing.

3 April, 2020 17:19

I’ll be grooming tomorrow, Saturday. Check right here in the morning for an update.

3 April, 2020 09:30

25F, 6-7” new. Rolled upper Powerline & Lower Alpine. No track set. Expect soft conditions.

3 April, 2020 06:51

We’ll be rolling Upper Powerline & Lower Alpine this morning, no track. We’ll update when finished.

31 March, 2020 09:35

it’s now 32° mostly cloudy sky’s a trace of new snow since yesterday and calm winds. Alpine loop and powerline have been groomed for skate skiing, lower powerline is getting a little rugged. Enjoy the last day of scheduled grooming . Thank you for your participation and donations. See you next year

31 March, 2020 06:08

it’s 25° with a trace of new snow that might have started as rain, partly cloudy and calm winds. Headed out to try and groom our world for skate skiing. This is the last day of scheduled grooming so come and get it. I will update later