blacktail trail winter

Located 8 miles above Lakeside and at 5000’ of elevation, the 25 kilometers of varied terrain is groomed every day from December thru March.

Snowmobiles, ATV’s, other motorized equipment and snow bikes are not permitted on either trail system. Walking without snowshoes is not permitted!

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Dogs are only allowed on the Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails.

Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails

47.989165, -114.323741

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16 December, 2017 10:10

Groomed 4 km of upper Alpine from the upper parking lot. Set classic track too. Worked on the Spur but the snow is thin, maybe okay for rock skis. Keep dancing!

16 December, 2017 07:59

2" new snow since last Saturday, 7" on the total stake, 22°F. I’m hoping to find a little more snow on upper Alpine where I’ll be grooming about 4 km of trail. Park at the upper lot. Don’t stop practicing that snow dance!

11 December, 2017 14:09

We have groomed upper Alpine. It is very rough because of the frozen truck ruts that had to be removed. No classic track. Park at the upper lot. There is only 2″-3″ of snow at the main parking lot. We will try to groom from the main lot as soon as we get more snow. Keep dancing!

2 April, 2017 06:53

34° and clear. No freeze last night but no rain either. Groomed Alpine and Spur for last time this season. Thanks to all who contributed and for helping keep litter and doggy do off the trails. See you next season!

1 April, 2017 09:08

34F Excellent skate skiing! Groomed Alpine and the Spur. Great fast snow. Alpine descent still has footprints so use a little common sense. Thanks!

1 April, 2017 05:23

29F Good morning xc folks! The stars are out and we had a good freeze last night.We will be grooming for your skiing enjoyment Alpine and the Spur. Come up for the last weekend of groomed skiing!

31 March, 2017 08:49

36F The early bird catches the fast skiing. Groomed Alpine and Spur. Fast, good skating conditions. Alpine descent is not recommended. Footprints that freeze make it difficult to descend. Please do not walk on trails. We will attempt to groom Saturday and Sunday . Thanks!

31 March, 2017 05:35

30F we will groom Alpine and the Spur. Come up and ski for the last weekend! We will try to groom Sat.and Sun.

30 March, 2017 08:32

30F Beauty day up here! Get your last licks in . Groomed Alpine and Spur. Skiing will be fast this morning!

30 March, 2017 05:29

29F The stars are out and we had a decent freeze. We will start the day with grooming Alpine and the Spur. Will update.