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Located 8 miles above Lakeside and at 5000’ of elevation, the 25 kilometers of varied terrain is groomed every day from December thru March.

Motorized equipment (Snowmobiles, ATV’s, snow bikes, etc.) and fat bikes are not permitted on either trail system. Walking without snowshoes is not permitted!

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Dogs are only allowed on the Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails.

Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails

47.989165, -114.323741

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3 April, 2021 08:21

40°F. The skate lane on Upper Power Line and Lower Alpine is groomed. There is no classic track. You can’t believe how much snow has melted in the last few days. This will be the last day of grooming. If you look forward to a spring day when you can ski in the morning and get a bike ride in in the afternoon, this is the day. Thanks for all your support this year.

3 April, 2021 05:57

37°F. We’ll be grooming Upper Power Line and Lower Alpine this morning. Stay tuned for an update.

2 April, 2021 21:20

Sorry this is late. We will be grooming tomorrow morning. Should have some fresh corduroy by 9 or before.

1 April, 2021 06:06

Per our agreement with the Forest Service, the gates on upper Alpine will be opened today and the ski season is officially over. But depending on trail conditions, occasional grooming of upper Powerline and lower Alpine may happen. Check this site for updates. Thank you for all of your support and see you in December!

31 March, 2021 06:23

20°F, no new snow. Here we are, the end of our regular season. Tomorrow morning we have to open the gates from the upper parking lot to allow motorized vehicles on the upper Alpine Loop and the Spur. We’ll be grooming the full Alpine Loop and the Spur this morning for the last time this season. Come up and enjoy it!We will continue grooming as much of the trail system as we can a few times a week as long as the snow lasts. We plan to groom next on Saturday morning. Check the website Friday night for an update. Thanks for all your support this season!

30 March, 2021 09:17

it’s now 25°F sunny and a trace of new snow since yesterday. Powerline has been groomed for skate skiing watch for debris and thin icy patches. The new snow improved conditions come and enjoy our last couple of days with regular scheduled grooming

30 March, 2021 06:04

it’s 13°F with a trace of new snow and looks to be mostly clear. Headed to powerline today conditions don’t look good for setting new track and I will be clearing debris From the wind storm. Update later

29 March, 2021 09:43

it’s now 23°F with a half inch of new snow overnight and still breezy. I groomed alpine Loop and spur trail for skate skiing but the jury is still out to weather I actually improved the skiing there is a lot of debris on the trails from the winds. Let’s hope we get some snow. We’ll see you tomorrow there are only a couple of days left of regular grooming this season

29 March, 2021 06:06

it’s 23°F snowing with a half inch of new snow and gusty winds at this time. Headed to alpine loop and spur trail today there could be Some debris Out there but I will get back to you later

28 March, 2021 08:21

It didnt freeze here last night so trail conditions are a little soft. Alpine loop has new skate lanes but the classic track varies from good to non existant. Heading out to powerline now….