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Located 8 miles above Lakeside and at 5000’ of elevation, the 25 kilometers of varied terrain is groomed every day from December thru March.

Snowmobiles, ATV’s, other motorized equipment and snow bikes are not permitted on either trail system. Walking without snowshoes is not permitted!

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Dogs are only allowed on the Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails.

Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails

47.989165, -114.323741

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11 December, 2019 10:50

28°F, another 1/2" of new snow. Upper Alpine and part of the Spur are groomed with fresh classic track set. More snow coming this week. We’ll keep trying to open more trails as the snow pack grows. Stay tuned.

11 December, 2019 08:17

26°F, maybe 1" of new snow since last grooming. We’ll be grooming the same section of upper Alpine and the Spur as we’ve been grooming the last week.

8 December, 2019 09:48

29°F, 1" new snow since last grooming. Upper Alpine and part of the Spur are groomed. Classic track has been set on Upper Alpine and looks ok. Skiing is out and back from the upper parking area. There’s about 10-12k of skiing if you only do one lap. Come up and try it!

8 December, 2019 08:04

30°F, 1" new snow. We’ll be grooming the same 5k section of upper Alpine and part of the Spur from the upper parking area. We’ll try to set some classic track and see how it goes with a still thin snow pack.

5 December, 2019 10:25

35°F. Groomed upper Alpine and the Spur. No classic track set. The snow is really thin past the snow fence on the Spur. Alpine is pretty nice considering the thin snow pack. Keep dancing.

5 December, 2019 08:50

32°F, dusting of new snow since last grooming. We’ll be grooming from the upper parking area down upper Alpine about 5k and the Spur. We are in the cloud and the snow is warm.

4 December, 2019 14:31

We have had some trouble updating the website for the first time this season so this is a day late. We hope the problem is solved.We started grooming yesterday (Tuesday, Dec 3). Until we get more snow we will be grooming intermittently starting at the upper parking area. Upper Alpine and the Spur are skiable but the snow is thin. Got rock skis?

13 April, 2019 09:00

34°F, a few snow flakes are in the air. The skate lane is groomed all the way around the Power Line loop. New classic track is set out to the snow fence. This is likely our last day of grooming. Thanks to all of you for your support. It’s been another great season. Watch for news about our fundraiser next fall and have a great summer.

13 April, 2019 06:17

28°F, there has been some new snow since grooming last week, but it is frozen melt-freeze conditions now. We’ll be grooming Power Line today. Stay tuned.