Good morning ski team! The sky portends a beautiful sunny and pleasant spring like day ahead. Perfect for skating on freshly groomed ski trails. Mentioned before and now again, bring along your bear spray. Our neighbors are starting to ramble around. Grizz tracks spotted down south in The Swan. / Volunteer opportunities! If you are interested in helping out with trail maintenance this summer let me know. My number is (406) 334-3088. I will add you to our list of trail crew. The pay isn’t great but you get free exercise. 😂 If you haven’t signed up for our e-newsletter please do. You can find the information on our website. And if you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram. A note on summer opportunities, I work with the Montana Wooden Boat Foundation in Lakeside. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching the skill of small wooden boat building. We have several spaces open. If you are interested please contact me for details. A great experience for a family, a couple, or individual. Finally, I sincerely want to extend a heartfelt thank you from all of us at North Shore Nordic Club, to EVERYONE for supporting and donating to this cause. We simply would not exist without you! Ok enough chatting! I better “Ski-daddle” and get in my horse! Time to farm some ski trails. Musical inspiration today will be provided by Bob Marley! ✌️🤩🎿☕️