20 April, 2022 06:13

won’t be grooming today, need some rest! See what weather does and possibly groom Saturday. Looking at snotel site it froze last night and would think will soften mid morning so could be good “crust cruising” of sorts! Smile:)!

19 April, 2022 08:45

32 degrees now and groomed to top of powerline and close to hairpin again. All the new snow finally packing down! Should be fantastic today! Left existing classic track! 20 km beautiful trails for ya! Smile:)!

19 April, 2022 06:51

32 degrees, trace of new snow and feels like it is wants to snow. Firmed up better than expected with warm temps so we’ll see how it comes out today! Classic track will Be great! Here’s to more skiing:) Smile:)!

18 April, 2022 06:50

happy Monday! Still going for a few more days! 22 degrees out and snow firmed up nicely last night. I think todays grooming will come out amazing! I’ll throw a classic track in too so can last a few days! Here’s to burning off the Easter feast!...