31 December, 2023 08:07

29 degrees and the lower trails are getting groomed. Skating has been fun and fast…but watch out for the rocks! Looks like possible rain this afternoon which may end the grooming depending on how much it rains…so come and get it while it’s still...

30 December, 2023 09:54

28 degrees and lower trails have been groomed. We’re still eeking along with what snow we have…bare spots showing and rocks abound so bring your rock skis. Lots of the trail is skiing quite nice though…so enjoy what we have!


Currently 23F. Dragged the ginzu around the lower loops. The trail is smoothing out a bit, but still has a ways to go. Some rocks and bare spots showing so watch out. Enjoy what’s there.


Merry Christmas! 3″ of new snow on Saturday, just enough to roll all the lower loops. Trail is thin and uneven with grass/twigs/rocks showing. It’s skiable, but bring your rock skis!