20 February, 2023 05:57

[Category bmnt] 33° at the parking lot this morning, looks like the wind has been blowing a little snow around. Will be grooming Alpine loop first and Update later

19 February, 2023 09:41

[ Category bmnt] 27° and snowing heavily. All trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing.

19 February, 2023 05:51

[ Category bmnt] 27° with a little wind this morning, no new snow but several inches yesterday. Alpine loop was rolled and groomed for classic and skate skiing yesterday so we’ll focus on powerline this morning and update soon….

26 February, 2017 05:27

24° and an inch of fresh snow to work with this morming. A little wind blowing so I will take the roller out first….

28 December, 2016 10:57

clear sky, 31°, light breezes this morning. 4" of new snow is groomed on the Alpine Loop and the Spur Trail, but no classic track set.