Dear NSNC Supporters,

Mercifully this season has come to an early end! It started late, had multiple weather related interruptions, including extreme cold, but through it all, you continued your awesome support and for that we sincerely thank you!

We’ll be back next year, but with some much needed changes! Dave Hadden, our co-founder and board chair, has announced his resignation from the North Shore Nordic Board, and, co-founders Steve Rosso and I would like to step down before next season’s start. All three of us still love to ski and are 100% committed to NSNC’s sustainability! We will want to be involved and share our twenty years of North Shore Knowledge by volunteering where needed, supporting the board and provide administrative, operational and technical guidance to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

NOW IS THE TIME to step up and support this club and the Nordic skiing you so love. If you, or someone you know, is willing to carry on North Shore Nordic Club’s leadership, please call or email  Dave Hadden at (406) 270-3184/, Steve Rosso at (406) 890-8566/, or, me, at (406) 250-8025/, and we will provide our guidelines and support to make certain this is a smooth and uninterrupted transition to next season.

Sincerely, Don Bauder