13 January, 2018 07:48

All trails were rolled and groomed yesterday. Classic track is set. Today we might not get out to groom do to other commitments. However we will try to get out there this afternoon. Again there were reports of fresh grizzly bear tracks several days ago. Having bear...

12 January, 2018 08:23

Fresh snow! First an alert: fresh Grizzly tracks were reported on the Foothills trail system yesterday. If you have Bear spray it would be advisable to have it along. Today Aaron and I will be rolling and grooming the course. See you on the trail friends!

11 January, 2018 07:40

Well looks like we have some weather moving in. Snow in the forecast! I will hit the skate trails this morning and given the snow conditions it should be nice and fast. Thank you for supporting the ski club!

9 January, 2018 07:14

Freezing rain/mist this morning. I will clean up the skate lanes today. We did a bit of trail maintenance yesterday. Tree removal and trail widening which left things a bit messy. See you out there!

8 January, 2018 05:10

Good morning skiers. Well unfortunately it is again 35 degrees out. Too warm to effectively groom. Today we will try to remove some tree debris from the trail and might use the snow mobiles to track pack the outer edges and widen the trail in several spots. Looks to...