22 April, 2018 08:37

33°F. Alpine is all groomed. It’s been a pretty good season. Thanks to all our supporters. We couldn’t do it without your contributions. See you at the Kick and Glide Party next November.

20 April, 2018 16:59

This will be the last groomed weekend. I’ll try to groom Saturday but the forecast doesn’t look good for a freeze over Friday night. So check here in the morning for an update. Sunday looks good and will be the last day for groomed trails.

18 April, 2018 08:45

29°F, trace of new snow that mixed in nicely with the old melt-freeze snow. Alpine Loop skate lane is all groomed. Should be great fast skiing for the next few hours. I’ll try to groom one more time this weekend. Check here Friday night. Thanks for all your...