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Hello folks, I am unable to start the snowmobile. That will slow down any attempt to groom We will attempt to find the problem and will update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

27 March, 2017 05:29

32° and half inch of actual snow last night but it’s real wet and soft, sprinkling a little mist now. I don’t think things froze last night. It doesn’t appear there were many skiers yesterday, so I’m not going to try to improve on Alpine Loop...

26 March, 2017 07:29

24° and clear, with a dusting of snow here. Alpine Loop is groomed for classic and skate skiing out to the Spur and up to the high gate. Powerline Loop hasn’t been groomed due to snow washout around K5. Looks like a great day for some spring skiing with...

25 March, 2017 10:04

34°F. Groomed Power Line probably for the last time. Groomed Alpine and the Spur. No classic track but might try to set some when it softens. Spring conditions. The snow is melting from under and caving. The trail is narrow in spots. Come on up for what might be the...

24 March, 2017 08:44

27F still! Groomed Alpine and Spur. Hard,fast, and great skating conditions. There is a big sinkhole at km5 on Powerline. It is marked with branches. Probably smart to not ski into it. Thanks for your generous donations this season.