31 March, 2019 09:31

32° and overcast. Alpine loop, Spur trail, and upper Powerline all have fresh groomed skate lanes. Due to lack of new snow we have left the old classic track which is good in places, not so much in others. Today is the last regular daily grooming and will be as needed...

30 March, 2019 09:39

39°F, spring melt-freeze conditions. The skate lane on Power Line and Alpine is all groomed. The Spur has not been groomed. Tomorrow, Sunday, will be the last day of seven days a week grooming. We will continue to groom a few days each week. Check this website for up...

30 March, 2019 05:53

27°F, hard freeze last night. This is the last weekend of seven days a week grooming. Monday, April 1, the restrictions on motor vehicles comes off upper Alpine. Fortunately there’s still a lot of snow and we’ll keep grooming a few days a week as...

27 March, 2019 10:32

a wonderful 38° under sunny sky’s grooming came out good skating should be great. 2 passes on alpine loop and spur trail as well as powerline to the turn around. There is track set from yesterday on powerline .

27 March, 2019 06:42

It’s 25° under clear sky’s the snow is very hard I don’t think there will be any new track set but grooming should be good. There was track set yesterday on powerline & I will be working on alpine loop today. update later