Greetings Skiers. To prolong and enhance our trails in the remaining weeks of the season, NSNC has contracted with a large Snow Cat operator to knock down the snow drifts, address side hilling and flatten sections of our trail system. So, we will not be grooming early tomorrow, Wednesday, but hope to have Powerline groomed by early afternoon! Beginning at 8:00, the groomer will work his way up Powerline, to the top, and then continue up Alpine to the Spur. Because of the tight and twisty nature of all three descents, we don’t plan on sending him down those trail sections. Be advised that this machine is HUGE, 10-12 feet wide, and may take up the entire¬†width of the trail! We anticipate the work taking most of the day. If you must ski, better to plan for the afternoon, but please, take every precaution to avoid the Snow Cat. Thank you for your cooperation.