28 March, 2020 09:26

34°F, trace of new snow. The skate lane has been groomed everywhere. There is still some classic track from the past few days. Please keep practicing all those things that can keep you and everyone else healthy.

28 March, 2020 06:10

30°F, dusting of new snow and currently snowing lightly. We are grooming today because we know, for a lot of us, getting outdoors is important to our sanity and the Nordic trails are a place we can still practice social distancing. We’ll start on Power Line and...

27 March, 2020 10:20

it’s now 32° , overcast, a trace of new snow since yesterday and calm winds. Alpine loop and spur trail have been groomed with track set. NSNC will continue to groom through 3/31/20. Please use best practices to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. Enjoy the...

27 March, 2020 06:11

it’s 26° with a trace of new snow, overcast and calm winds. Headed to alpine loop today and will update later. We will continue to groom though 3/31/20 please use best practices to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus