Since our beginning in 2004, the North Shore Nordic Club has developed and fostered two of the most enjoyable Nordic ski trail systems in Montana, the Bigfork Community Nordic Centerand Blacktail Mountain Nordic Ski Trails.  We know you use and enjoy these trails because you have donated to keeping NSNC going strong.  Now, we need to ask you to consider a higher level of support.

The current NSNC board of directors, Don Bauder, Steve Rosso, Dave Hadden, Skin Nadeau, Cheryl Moore, and Aaron Johnson, continue to serve. Some of us have been pitching in since the beginning – over 14 years! However, at this point in time, we need to bring a few more people onto the board.

If you highly value the Bigfork and Blacktail trail systems, then you may well be an excellent candidate for our board.

Each year we have made real progress in improving equipment, grooming, parking, signage, sanitation, and other services.  This takes a passion for Nordic skiing but also practical skills like fundraising, being a good ambassador for the Club, trail maintenance, and working with the Forest Service and Montana State Lands.

Boards need to grow and change in order for any organization to remain healthy and NSNC is no exception.  In order to keep moving forward, we need YOU to seriously consider if serving on the Club’s board is something you’d like to do.

We have fun as a board.  But we also get things done – as we hope you recognize.  We meet over beer and wine and occasionally have dinner together.  We meet about 6 times a year.  All of us pitch in to varying degrees with trail clearing in the fall, taking days as trail groomers in the winter, some of us fundraise, and some of us do all the above. All of us ski and know what good grooming looks like.  All of us want this Club to continue.

If you want to see the North Shore Nordic Club continue into the future, it’s very important that a few of our members step up to continue the work.  Without a vibrant board, NSNC will decline and possibly end – bringing an end to our two great Nordic ski trail systems.

We would like to talk to you.  Please feel free to call any of us to discuss what it takes to be a North Shore Nordic Club board member.  We’ll look forward to your call.

Thank you in advance for considering this request.

Dave Hadden, President  (406) 270-3184

Steve Rosso, Vice-President(406) 890-8566

Don Bauder, Treasurer(406) 250-8025

Cheryl Moore, Secretary(406) 270-0532

“Skin” Nadeau, Troublemaker(916) 453-0611

Aaron Johnson, Board Member (406) 212-9623