Dear North Shore Nordic Club Supporter:

We’ve been managing the North Shore Nordic Club for 18 years.  Dave and Don were among the founders and Steve joined a few years later.  We’ve taken our turn volunteering to provide some of the best Nordic skiing opportunities in the Flathead Valley.  It’s time for other enthusiasts to step up and take over.

Managing the club includes building and maintaining relationships with the Forest Service and Department of Natural Recourses and Conservation, grant writing, fundraising, fall trail clearing, grooming, maintaining and troubleshooting the equipment, ordering new equipment, bookkeeping and payroll functions, and managing the day-to-day operation of the Blacktail and Bigfork trails.  This work doesn’t require doing it all yourself but does require the board as a whole being responsible to get it done every year.

The club’s operations are secure for the upcoming season.  But by next spring, the three of us plan to step back and reduce our day-to-day involvement.  Sustaining Nordic skiing on our trail systems will require new management.

The time to step up is now, before the start of the coming season.  New volunteers can learn the requirements of the position over the course of this season.

To be clear, we need new board members willing to actively manage the club’s operations.  We think individuals willing and able to commit their time now and into the future would make the best candidates, as “actively managing” the club means being involved in all the above-mentioned aspects of the club.

So, if this letter hits you in the right spot and you want to help sustain the North Shore Nordic Club, please give one of us a call. In addition, the Club’s board meets on October 26, at the Flathead Lake Brew Pub in Bigfork, at 4pm.  Please join us if you are considering joining the management team, and want to know about what’s involved!

And, yes, we are anticipating a great ski season and our annual fall raffle.

Dave Hadden 406-270-3184
Steve Rosso 406-890-8566
Don Bauder 406-250-8025