17 February, 2024 07:57

Currently -2 with clear blue skies..All trails were groomed last night. We tried to put new track in but the sled started acting up and had to abort so we wouldn’t break down. Some of the old track is still decent and some track not so much. Overall it’s going to be...

17 February, 2024 07:32

Unfortunately three of our groomers are out of town and we won’t be able to groom Blacktail this morning. Alpine and the Spur were groomed yesterday and should still be good. Regular grooming will continue tomorrow. Thank you for you understanding.

16 February, 2024 09:51

Currently wonderful sunny blue skies and 7 degrees. All trails are groomed and looking great! (old track was still looking good so was left alone) Skiing is going be good today so come on out and get it while we still can!!