Greetings Nordic Lovers! Can you believe it, first of December and we’re grooming both trail systems?

Bigfork Community Nordic Center: We started rolling yesterday, December 1 and took the ginzu out this morning! That just doesn’t happen very often, like, maybe ever! We may try and set track on the lower tails, but it ┬ámay take another snow or two before we can get the track setter up to the upper trails. Watch for rocks, especially up high. Enjoy!

Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails: We’ve actually been grooming up here for over two weeks! I’ve been Nordic skiing in the valley for 25 years and don’t remember such an early start Anyone remember the winter of 96-97? Yesterday we closed the Alpine gates and started packing the 24″ of snow up there. It’s going to take a few days before we can start renovating and setting track on upper Alpine, so please be patient and enjoy the awesome conditions on Powerline and lower Alpine! Once we fully dial in the whole of Alpine, we’ll turn our attention to lower Powerline. Cheers!