Greetings North Shore Nordic Supporters,

As we near the end of another successful Nordic ski season I want to share with you a bit of unfortunate news. Yesterday, we discovered that someone had, using a pry bar, broke into our donation box up at Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails and removed the contents! Fortunately I had emptied the box around 3/15 and deposited approximately $1000. I anticipate the thief/thieves made off with between $100-$500.

If you or anyone you know had made a donation from 3/12-3/25, first, thank you for your support and secondly, please let us know. And if a check was written please contact your bank. All of this information will be helpful in reporting the incident to the authorities.

We will repair and fortify the box for next year’s ski season.

Have a great Spring, Summer and Fall. Thank you all for your generous support, and we will see you in December