5 March, 2021 05:30

☕️ Morning all! This morning I will touch up the skate lanes. It should be another nice day with fast conditions before it gets too warm. Unfortunately this is not the best time for classic skiing and setting really good classic track is nearly impossible with the...

4 March, 2021 06:23

Note: given that spring has arrived our local bear population will soon be making an appearance. I mention this as you might consider bringing bear spray whilst out enjoying the trails. I know I will have mine grooming and skiing. 🐻

4 March, 2021 06:03

26 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. Looks to be another stellar day, sunshine and a high of around 50. I had several reports yesterday that the skate skiing was phenomenal and fast before it got too warm in the afternoon. I will be grooming up the skate lanes again...

3 March, 2021 16:23

Hi folks! We knocked down drifts at several places on Powerline to the top and Alpine to the end of the Spur! Snow conditions weren’t conducive to laying down perfect corduroy with the Snow Cat, but we were able to shift snow around and flatten many sections of the...

3 March, 2021 06:32

Good morning friends. Well it’s a little bit cooler this morning. I will have a look at the trail conditions and perhaps we can dress the skate lanes up a tad. No promises. Difficult grooming conditions. Vin ☕️✌️