23 March, 2021 06:08

 it’s 25°F snowing and 3 inches of new snow since yesterday. Headed powerline today and it might be awhile before I can update . I will be grooming for skate skiing as well as try to set new track

22 March, 2021 09:05

it’s now 28°F with close to an inch of new snow since yesterday. Alpine loop and spur trail have been groomed for skate skiing with 2 passes . For all you classic skiers cross your fingers for a little more snow and I can set some new track tomorrow because there is...

21 March, 2021 08:59

About 30° up here this morning. Still plenty of snow on the trails. Alpine loop and powerline are groomed for skating. Very little classic track left, what exists is thin. Happy first day of spring!

20 March, 2021 09:50

It’s warming up fast. The skate lane is groomed everywhere. Everyday the sun is higher in the sky and melting more snow. We have a few thin spots on Alpine below the hairpin and on lower Power Line, but no bare spots yet. If you want to get one more ski in while...