And that’s a wrap for the 22/23 ski season at BCNC. Coverage is still good (what a great year for snow coverage!) but with the big temperature swings our equipment can’t put in good groomed trail right now. Our ginzu is falling apart and in dire need of repair so grooming in these conditions is tough. A big thank you for your contributions, it’s what keeps the trails groomed. If you enjoyed the nice grooming this year please consider a donation to help us repair the equipment so we can provide even better corduroy next year!! Also, a HUGE thanks to Tom the groomer…he did a fantastic job!!
If your into crust cruising style of skiing there’s still plenty of snow out there…the sweet spot is if the snow froze during the night to get out before the sun warms up the snow too much, usually slightly before and during lunch break time….
Thanks again and we can’t wait for winter of 23/24!!
Blacktail is still skiing great so head on up to get some more winter