Dog Owners, HELP!!!


We have been receiving a rash of complaints about the increasing number of dogs on the Blacktail trails, especially on the weekend! One skier was nipped on his ankle, another was told to “slow down” by a dog owner, and lots of complaints about “dog do” on the trails.

North Shore Nordic Club grooms these trails solely for the pleasure of skiers—not dogs. Dogs can create a safety hazard to fellow skiers. They can make holes in the trail—especially in soft conditions—that trip skiers and break poles. And, dogs do sometimes bite. A skier can move pretty fast down a hill, when threatened by an errant dog, risking a severe injury. And, dogs often destroy sections of the classic tracks that took hours to groom in the early morning hours.

North Shore Nordic Club and the Swan Lake Ranger District have allowed dogs at Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails since we began grooming operations here nearly ten years ago, and up until recently we haven’t felt the need to revisit our policy.

So, dog owners, please control your pets! Don’t let them interfere with the skiers.   And, please, bag up dog waste from the trails and dispose of it at your home.


With your help we can insure that skiing BMNT is a pleasant experience for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation!